How to Increase Followers on Instagram [Updated 2023]

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Do you also use Instagram? If yes… then you too must want to increase followers on your Instagram. But you do not know How to Increase Followers on Instagram or How to Increase Organic Followers on Instagram, then in today’s article I will share with you the right way to increase followers on Instagram.

Some such methods have been shared in this post, in those ways Real Followers can be increased in Instagram. That too in Free without App.

Increase Followers Organically on Instagram

Instagram is a popular photo and video sharing platform. Which is mostly used by people for entertainment. But in today’s time people are earning money sitting at home using Instagram. If you also want to earn money from Instagram and want to be popular. So your Instagram’s fan following means followers should be more.

People want to be famous on Instagram. They want as many people as possible to see their posts. Like and Comment more and more. So that their popularity increases. This is possible only when there are more followers on Instagram.

Therefore, How to Increase Followers on Instagram 2023, so for this I have shared tips to increase Instagram Followers. So, keep reading this post carefully till the end.

How to Increase Followers on Instagram. How to Increase Followers Organically on Instagram

How to Increase Followers on Instagram, some selected methods have been shared below, which can be used to become famous.

1. Post Regularly

People create their accounts on Instagram, but do not post regularly on it. Due to which the reach of the post decreases. There are hardly any likes, comments and followers on the post.

Followers on Instagram increase only then. When more and more people see the post. If the post will be good and people will like it. So they will surely follow. That’s why it is necessary to post regularly to increase your insta followers. Do at least 1 to 2 posts in a day.

2. Convert your Instagram Account to Professional Account

It is important to get more followers on Instagram. Switch that Insta account to Professional Account. Converting Instagram account to professional account activates many professional features in the account. Which are very useful and help in increasing follower organically.

Making an Instagram account professional helps in gaining followers. You can see the Insights of the account. Means which post of yours got how many views? How many profile visits came? Due to which the idea seems that what kind of posts the followers are liking more.

3. Customize Instagram Profile.

Someone visits your Instagram account. So if your account looks professional. So he can follow your Instagram account. For this it is necessary that your account should be well customized.

Here Customize means that the Bio, Profile photo of your account should be attractive. To make the profile photo attractive, you can edit the photo and apply it. And choose the words for your Bio well. If you have a link to a website, YouTube channel or any other social media account. So, you can put that link in your profile.

4. Post According to Niche.

Posting according to Niche means posting related to a particular category. You must have seen many such Instagram pages on Instagram. Those who post only under a certain category. For example – Fact, Share Market, Motivation, Health, Technology etc. are posted in one category only.

5. Follow Similar Account, Like, Comment on their Posts.

Follow Instagram accounts related to Niche. With this you can get follow back. Also Like and Comment on other Instagram posts related to your Niche. If you leave a nice comment on his post. So, the users who comment in that post will also visit the profile once. he can follow the account.

6. Crease User Engagement.

User engagement means followers and people who see your posts. Comment on it, then like their comment and reply. And answer the questions asked by them in DM. Which will make your Instagram users happy, and followers’ confidence will increase.

Also, do come live on Instagram once a week. By doing this your followers will share your post. Due to which your followers can increase.

7. Collaborate on Instagram.

You must have seen many such videos on youtube. In which different YouTubers appear together in the same video. In this type of video, one YouTuber is seen interviewing another YouTuber, or talking to each other. This is called collaboration.

Similarly, on Instagram also two different Instagram creators appear together in a video. You must have seen big Instagrammers doing this. By doing such collab, the followers of both increase. That’s why you should do collaboration to increase followers.

8. Promote your Account through Instagram Ads.

This is a paid way to increase followers in Instagram account. Ads feature is available after converting your Instagram account into a page. If you think that you do Quality Post. Which people on Instagram will love. But if the reach of your post is low, then you can run ads for your insta page by spending some money.

By doing this Instagram itself will promote your page to such Instagram users who can be engaged with your post. Due to which your page will be visible to the people. So that people will follow your Insta page and also like and comment on the post.

9. Post on Trending Topics.

Everyone knows that the things that remain in trend on the internet. It goes viral very fast. That’s why you put a post on the trending topic currently running on Instagram.

This can make your post viral. Due to which a lot of likes and comments come on your post, and your followers also increase. Now how to know this trending topic? So for this you can take help of Google Trends.

Apart from this, you can take the help of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and as soon as you know the trending topic, immediately make a post on it and put it on Instagram.

10. Use Hashtags in Instagram Posts.

Whenever you post something on Instagram. So, while uploading the post put a good caption in the post as well as most followed or popular hashtags on Instagram.

The category to which your post belongs. Be sure to also enter the hashtag associated with that category. Like if your post is related to Fact. So, in this you have this hashtag #fact, Just put such hashtags in your post.

11. Tag People on Instagram Posts.

Tag popular people related to your post. To tag people, while uploading a post, click on Tag People and search people on Instagram by entering the @ symbol in the search box. And click on that profile which comes in the search result. who you want to tag

Tagging popular people in your Instagram posts makes your posts publicly visible in their tagged posts. Due to which more views can come on your post, as well as profile visits.

If possible, ask your friends, relatives to tag you in their posts, so that people around you will also follow your account.

12. Make Reels Videos.

Instagram Reels, which are a short video feature of Instagram. Users are liking watching Reels videos on Instagram. In such a situation, you should also make Reels of good quality and post them on Instagram.

If you also post your reels on the trending reels on Instagram. So being in trend increases the chances of your reels going viral and increasing your followers. So, keep an eye on Instagram Trends.

13. Add Story to Instagram.

Put a Story on your Instagram account. Now what are these Instagram Story? So friends, the way status is in WhatsApp. The same is called Story in Instagram. Like WhatsApp Status, Instagram Stories also disappear after 24 hours.

In Insta Story, you can share photos, videos, links or polls with your followers. By applying story, your Insta account remains in the eyes of your followers. You can put these stories in Highlight in Instagram account. Due to which your account looks even more professional.

14. Promote your Account.

Apart from Instagram, if you have many followers on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram etc. or have more subscribers on YouTube, then you must promote Instagram account there.

Put your Insta profile link in WhatsApp status. So that people in your contact can become your followers.

15. Keep Experiment with your Instagram Account.

The most important thing is that you keep experimenting with your Instagram account. That is, you upload posts at different times. Always keep trying something new. And analyze when your Instagram post gets the most views.

This gives better results than ever before on your Instagram account. So understand, that method is better for you. In this way, if good views start coming on your post, then your followers will also increase.

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How to Increase Instagram Followers from Website and Application.

People use many methods to Increase Followers on Instagram. Some methods are genuine in these methods. So, some fake and dangerous. In this post, you have been told above How to Increase Followers Organically on Instagram. They are absolutely genuine and safe. In these ways, Real Follower increases in your Instagram.

But if you want to increase your followers on Instagram with the help of Instagram Followers Increasing Application or Website or Link. So be careful, because this method of increasing followers on Instagram is not secure. and all these followers are fake.

You still increase followers with these apps and websites. So, to increase followers, you have to enter User Id and Password of your Instagram account in these websites. Which is not safe at all. This can also hack your Instagram account.

In this way the followers increase. They are bot Instagram accounts of these websites. In the beginning, followers increase in these ways and a lot of likes also come on the post. But nothing happens in the comment and slowly likes also stop coming, then these followers also start decreasing.

The Instagram account of such a follower has negligible posts and the number of Following is high. According to the following in these accounts, the followers with Follow Back are also negligible. Due to which such Instagram accounts look spammy.

Therefore, as much as possible, try to increase Active Followers in a Genuine way, because your popularity will increase with these Real Followers.

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How to grow Instagram Followers Organically. You must have understood. Use only genuine methods to increase followers on Instagram, because it increases real followers on your Instagram account. Those who are active followers.

If you are increasing followers from any follower increasing app or website. So, change your Insta Id and its password on the website after increasing followers. If you liked this article, then share it with your friends.

How to Increase Followers on Instagram for Free?

Share Daily Posts on Instagram, Cover Trending Topics, Create Reels, Tag People.

Which is the best app to Increase Followers on Instagram?

There are Top Follow, Getinsta, Insta Followers Pro etc.

How many Followers do you get Paid on Instagram?

No matter how many followers you have on Instagram. Instagram company does not give you money for this. But yes! If the reach of your Instagram post is getting good. And you have 1k or 5k or 10k etc. followers. So, you can earn money from Brand Promotion, Affiliate Marketing.

how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes

If you want to increase 1K real followers in right way. So, follow the 15 methods mentioned above. But you want to do 1k followers as soon as possible. So, you can use the followers increasing app. Take care! Increasing followers from these apps can also get your Instagram account banned.

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